COVID19 Holly’s Action Plan


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The current state of the COVID19 around the world is generating high uncertainty amongst patients. Holly’s team is helping medical practices maintain effective communication; minimizing doubts or worries among patients. Beyond her automated appointment follow up, here are some additional Holly functionalities you can take advantage of:

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Custom messages with instructions related to your Telehealth platform

  • Instructions to access
  • Including the appointment link in your pre-existing workflow, etc.

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Re-engage patients via automated SMS self-scheduling, once the emergency has ceased.


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Share mass updates or announcements regarding the virus and your practice with patients.


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Personalized messages if you are forced to cancel appointments, including automatic rescheduling.


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Include a custom message per appointment type to arrive alongside the confirmation text message:

  • Attendance rules or precautions
  • Practice reminders

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Support patients individually by sending quick messages or responses:

  • Send Telehealth links
  • Per-provider URLs or updates, etc.

Built to help you during and after the emergency


Multichannel communication

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Multilanguage Personalization

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Seamless EHR integration

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Automatic follow-up in appointment lifecycle

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